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Awakening Joy for Women


Awakening Joy for Women

What Brings You Joy?
What Awakens Your Heart?
Are You Living Your Most Joyful Life?

Awakening Joy for Women is a yoga and self-care inspired business that I created solely for helping women like you lead joyful, healthy, intention-driven lives.

Self-care and intention-setting practices implemented through the honoring of seasons is the basis for my wellness classes, workshops, and retreats, as well as personal coaching services.

As women, we are gifted the wisdom and beauty of the seasons to review and renew our commitment to health, to recommit to our heart’s deepest desires, and to live a life we truly love. Each season presents an opportunity to refresh self-care rituals and let go of habits that aren’t serving our personal growth and evolution. When we are healthy, we are able to align with the authentic callings of our hearts and live powerfully, with intention, and in the spirit of joy.

I believe that when women care for themselves at this season-to-season level, tending to their personal goals and needs, they are capable of taking on the world, experiencing their richest and most meaningful life. If you are tired of feeling run down, stressed and disconnected from your self, your health, your dreams, and your true life purpose, Awakening Joy for Women is the perfect fit for you!

She’s turning her life into something sacred.
Each breath a new birth.
Each moment a new chance.
She bows her head, gathers her dreams from a pure, deep stream and stretches her arms toward the sky!

– Monique Duval

Like a flower, your life can be divided into two parts: your inner world, the center of the flower, and your outer world, the petals. For the petals of your outer world to unfurl, you must first inhabit the innermost aspect of yourself – the bright and confident as well as the deflated and wounded parts, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Doing so allows for authenticity, self-acceptance, self-love, trust, and confidence to flow into the outermost reaches of your life.

—Sara Avant Stover, Way of the Happy Woman

Awakening Joy Service Offerings

Whether you choose a personal coaching relationship with me, or to join a class, workshop or retreat, I welcome the blessing and opportunity to unite with you in the spirit of Awakening Joy. Please be in touch with me so that I can support your highest health and potential today.

Awakening Joy for Women Wellness Retreats

Awakening Joy for Women Retreats offer an awesome, life-changing opportunity for deep, lasting transformation and growth.

As women, when we immerse ourselves in learning, growing, and moving toward self-care mastery, we naturally begin to make a positive impact on the quality of our lives, the women around us — our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, and friends — and the world.

Join me, and a community of women, each season, for a Women’s Wellness Retreat. Attune to the energies of each particular season and learn how to embody these qualities:

  • Creative energies of Spring: Renewal, reawakening, and rebirth
  • Playful energies of Summer: Joy, celebration, and lush fulfillment
  • Contemplative energies of Autumn: Turning within, harvesting everything you’ve created, releasing what no longer serves you
  • Reflective energies of Winter: Deep rest, quiet reflection, and intuitive wisdom

During each retreat you will learn to:

  • Honor the seasonal cycles of nature through diet, cooking, movement, rest, intention-setting, and introspection
  • Develop simple morning and evening routines that frame and stabilize your day in a soul-centering way
  • Investigate and release self-limiting habits, thought patterns and old stories, and increase confidence, self-love and self-trust
  • Love moving your body, creating a sustainable exercise, home yoga and meditation practice
  • Set seasonal intentions to ensure progress, purpose, transformation and intention-based living
  • Learn how to prioritize and integrate self-care strategies into your daily life
  • Create healthy eating strategies to fuel, not deplete, your body
  • Share time with an awesome group of women dedicated to self-care, personal growth and strategic life planning
  • Be guided through journaling time, women’s yoga, joyful shared activities balanced with quiet, reflective time, deep relaxation, and powerful self-care teachings
  • Leave refreshed, recharged, and renewed with a seasonal self-care plan in hand!

Past Retreats


Awakening Joy for Women Classes

Awakening Joy for Women is a season-based yoga class experience held at Beth’s lovely home studio. At the beginning of each season, students set a heart-centered intention (sankalpa) to support vibrant happiness, health and spiritual unfolding. Come Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, students have an opportunity to review and renew their personal growth, current lifestyle, as well as their dreams and desires. Each week during the season, Beth encourages students to revisit their selected intention so that true and lasting transformation occurs. Yoga, meditation, women’s wellness teachings, nutritional support, and fun gifts of love sprinkled throughout the session including inspirational books, poetry and quotes, self-care tips and hand-outs, essential oils, crystals, seasonal recipes and foods to taste, pop-up free workshops, and more. Close friendships emerge through the Awakening Joy experience, along with true, lasting personal growth and transformation.

The Awakening Joy for Women yoga series feeds my soul. I have been practicing yoga with Beth for many years now. Each session is fresh and energizing. No two sessions are alike. Beth skillfully combines ancient wisdom, the latest health research with asana to guide our group to joyful self care. Beth is the ultimate honest and caring practitioner.

—Karen, Awakening Joy for Women Student

Personal & Small Group Retreats

Whether you’re beginning a new chapter in life, seeking solace from the stressors of everyday life, or simply wishing to take time to recharge and refresh your mind, body and spirit, a personal retreat will bring refreshment and magic to your life. Perhaps you’re wanting to share a retreat with a small group of close women friends — that can be just as magical!

I encourage you to consider a customized retreat if you’re in one of the following situations:

  • Craving quiet reflection, rest and self-renewal
  • Longing to reconnect with your essence
  • Feeling depleted and in need of pampering care
  • In the midst of a transition
  • Dealing with a health condition requiring reflection for repair
  • Overloaded with caring for others, responsibilities, stress and work
  • Desiring to learn new self-care practices and strategies
  • Wanting to get clear on next steps in your life
  • Celebrating a circle of friends you love and cherish
  • Gathering together to celebrate an event such as a birthday or bridal shower

My closest women friends helped me move through the difficult challenge of caring for my ailing mother. As a special thank you to them, my husband asked Beth to craft a customized women’s retreat for me and six of my best friends. Beth designed a beautiful workshop for us around the themes of friendship and gratitude. She led us through the perfect mix of yoga practice, contemplative exercises, moments of fun and laughter, and women showing appreciation for the care and keeping of other women. We all have cherished memories from this wonderful day.

— Lynne, Colorado Springs

During your special full or half day, you will be soothed and cared for by the gifts of breath-inspired yoga; music; stillness; foot and head massage laced with beautiful, fragrant essential oils; guided meditation and journaling practices; soulful poetry readings; women’s seasonal nutrition and self-care teachings; a visioning and intention-setting ritual; and a fun, creative vision box art project to awaken joy and make magic!

A delicious, nutritious organic lunch prepared with love by me is included, and your retreat can be held in the comfort of your home, a destination spot of choice, or my beautiful home studio.

Whatever type of retreat you choose, know that you will leave feeling refreshed, renewed, deeply cared for, and positively changed.

To organize your special retreat experience, please call me at 719-440-2815 or email [email protected].

Beth’s Awakening Joy Retreat is an amazing experience I recommend for every woman. As a retreat leader, Beth helps and guides us to set seasonal intentions and self care practices in a powerful and loving way. Through each seasonal retreat, I reconnect with my Self, my visions and dreams, and my full commitment to self care.

—Maria, Awakening Joy participant