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Food as Medicine

As a Certified Natural Chef and graduate of the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, I’m delighted to share my love of nourishing food with you. I’m especially passionate about “food as medicine” and how food can strengthen, protect and heal.

Together, we’ll create healthy eating patterns that empower your choices, clean up your palate and nourish your life.

My goal is to educate, motivate, and inspire individuals, couples, families, corporations and communities to:

  • Adopt a whole-foods based diet — think unrefined, fresh, in season, organic, unprocessed, humanely raised and non-genetically modified
  • Engage in cooking with renewed inspiration, creativity and commitment to health
  • Honor the kitchen as a sanctuary – a joyful gathering space to nourish yourself, family and friends in
  • Fall in love with food — one delicious and mindful bite at a time!

Whether you’re struggling with a new or existing health condition requiring a change in diet and lifestyle, managing a hectic work schedule, family life or career without time or energy to cook, frustrated by body image and weight issues, or simply want to learn new ways cook healthier and more creatively, let me help educate, inspire and support your quest for living a healthy, vibrant life.

Let’s cook up your best life today!

Client Praise

I played 12 years in the NFL and when I went to the Broncos for my final season I was blessed to meet Beth. She helped to make my final season at 35 years of age a success. Not only was her food fresh, healthy, organic, and clean but most importantly she made it all taste great. On top of it all she is a beautiful soul who repeatedly went out of her way to make sure I had everything I wanted and needed. All of my requests were beyond met. I’m forever grateful for chef Beth. My only regret was not having her my entire career.

—Demar D, Denver Broncos Offensive Lineman

If you find yourself in a health crisis, or better yet if you just want to feed your body what it really needs for optimal health, I would encourage you to contact Beth. She is passionate about healthy, delicious food. Once you meet her, talk to her, and taste her savory meals you’ll know what I’m talking about.

—Lisa T, Yoga Therapy and Personal Chef Client

My family retained Beth as a Personal Chef for several reasons. At the time, my 12-year-old daughter was battling several health issues including asthma, obesity, high blood pressure and ADHD.

I was stuck in a rut with cooking the same types of food and I was unfamiliar with how to make healthier meals that my family would enjoy. With Beth’s knowledge as a Nutritional Chef, I knew our family was off to a great start!

Starting with breakfast, Beth educated us on raw, organic, protein smoothies. Our smoothies were not only highly nutritional but tasted great. We learned how to make my gluten-free, organic granola with all kinds of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and gluten-free oats. Our daughter loves granola, and learning to make our own using organic ingredients and healthy baking oils was such a treat.

Lunches consisted of home-made chicken fingers made with almond flour, home made nut butters, delicious shrimp spring, gluten-free, high protein tahini cookies and more.

For dinner, I learned to make several healthy soups, white fish and vegetables in parchment paper, and our favorite – stuffed peppers brimming with assorted veggies, quinoa and ground chicken.

The joy of working with Beth is she is a nutritionist and an educator. After every cooking session, she left us with recipes, and pictures of what brands to buy at the store. My daughter enjoyed cooking beside her.

Beth was so personable with my daughter that she introduced her to yoga. After cooking in our home, Beth would take our daughter downstairs to explain the benefits of yoga and practice beside her.

Through Beth’s patience, knowledge of nutrition, and her joy of teaching yoga, our family is healthier, happier, and very thankful.

After several months of working with Beth, my daughter is off of blood pressure medication, has more energy, has lost weight, and genuinely desires to eat healthy, and practice yoga daily.

We are grateful for Beth’s knowledge and friendship, and thank her for bringing the joy of healthy eating and living to our family.

—Liz P, Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group

Our family starting working with Beth over three years ago and it has been one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Beth is so knowledgeable and talented. She has helped us use food as medicine, creating beautiful, delicious meals that support our health goals.

Having Beth create our weekly meals has taken such a burden off my shoulders. I love knowing that my family is eating healthful meals. and the best part is I don’t have to make them!

The food she prepares is packed with high- quality, organic ingredients, and you can taste the love Beth puts into each dish.

I never dreamed we would have a Personal Chef, but now I don’t know what we would do without her, such a blessing!

—Beth N

I highly recommend Chef Beth. Utilizing her expertise, I was able to lose close to 20 pounds and eliminate the need for blood pressure medication. She has been feeding our family for several years, and we are truly grateful. The food is amazing, and we consider her part of our family.

Thank you Chef Beth !

—Kurt N

Beth cooked for my family for the first half of 2022. During this time, we were fed some of the tastiest, healthiest, freshest, and most beautiful dishes. I was extremely busy with work, and Beth stepped in as our Personal Chef to free my time and stress, while helping me to break with my kids more when not working.

The weekly menus were well thought out and met my goals of wanting to be able to feed my family delicious and nutritious meals without having to do any of the work.

Beth is well versed in all different types of cuisine, which ensured that entree offerings were never boring or bland. Beth’s attentiveness to our nutrition goals were made clear in her ingredient selection.

Finally, each dish was carefully packaged, and immaculately presented. The food tasted great, looked fantastic, was very healthy, and was delivered to my door on a weekly basis. It was a quadruple win; one of the smartest decisions I ever made for myself and my family during a very busy time in my career.

Thank you Beth! We appreciate you.

—Lisa R


Culinary Creations Gallery

Food as Medicine Services

Personal Wellness Chef Services

Meals that Heal

As a Certified Natural Chef, I believe that the cure is in the kitchen, and that your optimal health is at the tip of your fork!

Are you or a family member dealing with a food sensitivity, health concern, new diagnosis or dietary need? Designing and preparing beautiful meals that nourish and heal to make your life easier and healthier is one of my specialties.

How Does a Personal Wellness Chef Service Work? It’s a Simple Five-Step Process!

  1. We Start With Natural, Nourishing, Nutritious Foods
    I use the freshest seasonal, regional, organic, real foods possible. I use responsibly grown, non-genetically modified (non-GMO) fruits, vegetables, grains and products; healthy oils; and humanely cared for, pasture-raised animal proteins, as well as fresh, wild caught seafood. All products chosen are ones that suit the body best for digestion, assimilation, healing, energy, and sustainable health. My meals are made with love, creativity, and a commitment to serving your highest health concerns and goals.
  2. We Consult on Your Wellness Goals in the Comfort of Your Home
    During your home consultation, we touch base on your goals in hiring a Personal Wellness Chef, your health concerns, dietary needs, food preferences and ideal meal/snack schedule. After flushing out these details, we’ll schedule a day and time for your first cook date.
  3. You Will Approve a Menu Plan and Grocery List
    Several days prior to your cook date, I’ll email you a thoughtfully planned out, customized menu plan and grocery list. Once I receive your seal of approval, we’ll be ready to go.
  4. I Shop, Unpack, Wash Produce, Chop, and Cook My Heart Away
    I shop the morning of your cook date to ensure complete freshness, then arrive at your house with everything needed to prepare your menu — cooking gear included, depending on what you already have on hand. I unpack groceries, clean fruits and vegetables, cut, chop, cook, package, label, and store according to our agreed protocol.
  5. I Clean Up and Leave You With a Week of Beautiful Nourishing Food to Enjoy
    I will leave your kitchen as clean and spotless as I found it upon arrival. You won’t even know I was there, other than the aroma of freshly prepared meals, a fridge full of food, a printed copy of your menu and reheating instructions, and an inspirational weekly “Joyful Wellness” note or a delicious surprise snack or dessert from me.

Let’s create a customized wellness plan for you and your family today!

Investment: Typically ranges from $325 to $525 weekly  + cost of groceries and travel expenses.

Fee is based on number of meals/snacks being prepared, number of people per meal, special dietary research and menu planning, administrative work, travel, grocery shopping, unpacking groceries, washing produce, cooking, packaging and labeling meals, and providing heating and serving instructions.

Get started with a home consultation!

Joyful Wellness Kitchen Coaching Services


Are you or your family in need of healing, nutrition education, and renewed health? On a bi-weekly or weekly basis, I’ll help you learn the art of healing through food, one tasty bite at a time!

Through my Kitchen Coaching services, we’ll work together to select recipes to support your highest health goals. Between sessions, I’ll email you with educational information to support the learning process.

I’ll share my knowledge surrounding the healing power of super foods and how to access them through anti-inflammatory based herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, proteins, oils, condiments, and beverages. And I’ll teach you how to shop for, prepare, and cook vibrant, delicious snacks and meals that cater to your special dietary protocol or diagnosis.

I can work with you for an hour, two hours, or more, depending on your needs. We’ll cook as partners to create several delicious meals if you wish, or you can use my Personal Wellness Chef services to support you during this time of need. I can grocery shop beforehand, you can shop yourself, or we can navigate the grocery aisles together. The sky is the limit with your customized Kitchen Coaching service.

Let’s roll up our sleeves together in the kitchen and transform your health concerns into an opportunity for healing and wellness.

Investment: $85 / hour + travel.

Questions? Connect at 719-440-2815 or [email protected].

Fresh Start Healthy Pantry Makeover

It’s much easier to cook and eat well when you have healthy whole foods and ingredients at your fingertips—and when unhealthy processed foods aren’t anywhere in sight!

Let’s go through your cupboards, pantry, refrigerator and freezer, and eliminate junk foods and replace them with tasty, smarter food choices for you and your family’s optimal well-being.

Includes a consultation on your health goals and needs; makeover of your kitchen cupboards, pantry, refrigerator and freezer; and education on: red/yellow/green light foods, the dirty dozen and clean sixteen, superfoods for super health, healthy oils, and more. You’ll be left with an educational folder brimming with information, a healthy new kitchen and a tasty, handmade-by-me treat, with your health in mind.

Investment: $100 + travel

Questions? Connect at 719-440-2815 or [email protected].

Cooking Classes & Parties

Are you ready to live your most delicious, healthy life? It all starts in the kitchen!

I love to host fun, healthy, interactive cooking demo classes in the cozy comfort of my home or yours. Whether you want to learn the basics of healthy food preparation, cooking and eating, or wish to boost your nutritional knowledge and culinary skills, I have the class for you.

I attended an Italian cooking class led by Beth and what a fabulous demonstration she gave! I learned to make homemade healthy pasta which Beth made so easily and effortlessly. It was oh so delicious! Beth is blessed with the ability to engage people on multiple levels and her teaching skills are fluid, personable, and fun. Beth loves what she does, and sharing her love of healthy cooking, eating and living is an obvious joy and passion of hers. Because of this, everyone is happy and walks away knowing they’ve been given a great gift.Thank you Beth for the wonderful teacher and friend you are.

—Frances, Healthy Cooking Class Participant

All classes include a combination of hands-on teachings, emphasized by Chef demonstrations. You will enjoy delicious, nutritious foods and beverages to taste and share with like-minded culinary friends, and you’ll take home recipes from every event.

Sample cooking class sessions include:

  • The Healing Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Super Foods for a Super New You!
  • Food as Medicine Series
  • Tasty and Easy Gluten-Free Cooking
  • Energizing Breakfasts with Beth
  • Foods That Change Your Mood
  • Weakly Healthy Meal Prepping 101
  • Couple’s Date Night
  • It’s a Family Affair
  • The Elegant Chef – Fish en Papillote
  • Global Healing Series – India, Morocco and More
  • Quick, Easy, Nutritious and Delicious
  • The Cancer Fighting Kitchen
  • Heart-Healthy Meals that Heal
  • Create a New Relationship with Food
  • Seasonal Soups and Salads
  • Awakening the Senses in the Kitchen
  • Cooking with Essential Oils and Herbs
  • A Wonderful Evening in Healthy Italy
  • Women, Wine, Friendship and Food
  • Customize a Yoga + Cooking Class
  • Plan a Unique Wedding Shower, Birthday or Special Event
  • Add Raw-Amazing! Learn to cook gorgeous meals that are 100% raw, nutritious and delicious!

Classes are normally about two hours long and the investment is all-inclusive. (Class theme, grocery shopping, menu planning, recipe selection, beverages, cooking gear, hands-on cooking instruction, fun cooking demo’s, delicious tastings, lively interaction, and recipe and nutrition hand-outs are included in your experience!)

Investment: Prices vary. Please call 719-440-2815 for a quote. 

Please note: For longer classes, complex menu requests, or complex food sensitivities, allergies or diets requiring additional support, special menu-planning and cooking time, additional fees may apply.

Questions? Connect at 719-440-2815 or [email protected].

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

— Hippocrates